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Central nave

The great high central nave invites the visitor to turn their attention to the mystery of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Depicted in the apse, Mary was brought to heaven by angels, which physically and spiritually dominates the Cathedral, so as to invite visitors to look up to discover the eternal destiny to […]

The Apse semi-dome: the Assumption

The mystery of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven, body and soul, is the culmination of the Virgin’s glory but also the anticipation of that glorious destiny that awaits every person who is united to Jesus Christ. To arrive at this triumph of life and eternal happiness, a path must be followed. Even Mary has […]

The ceiling

The high Volutes of the nave arches invite one to look at the ceiling, where the highlights of the Virgin Mary’s earthly life are painted. It is a path of pictorial catechesis that brings the visitor to meet the mystery of the Assumption of Mary. An invitation to look up, because higher-up is the destiny […]

Nativity of Mary

The source that firstly tells the event is the so-called Gospel of James, according to which Mary was born in Jerusalem in the house of Joachim and Anna. The birth of Mary throws a subtle and penetrating ray of light in the history of humanity; a beam that will expand up to illuminate the universe. […]

Presentation of the Virgin at the Temple

The representation is currently on a wall inside the Chapel of St. Sixtus. On the left of the composition, a steep rocky path covered by slight horizontal lines, leads to the entrance of the Temple, near which Zechariah stands in place to welcome the Virgin; behind the priest, three other male figures protrude from inside […]

Presentation of Mary

The scene of the presentation of Mary at the Temple, as we know, is not narrated in any of the sacred texts, and is offered with abundant details from the apocryphal (especially the Gospel of James), i.e. from those very ancient writings and for many aspects similar to the books of the Bible, even though, […]

Madonna and Child with Saints

The marble altarpiece, on the western wall of the “Old Sacristy”, is the evident result of a new composition. The whole piece presents a cornice divided in three parts and decorated with modules and bears, at the centre of the main module and the side modules, three niches topped by a crowning valve of seashell, […]

Marriage of Joseph and Mary

The Gospel of St. Luke tells us that Mary was “betrothed to a man of the house of David, named Joseph.” The painting of the wedding of Mary therefore is based on this biblical quote and, in the freedom of expression that belongs to painting and art in general, the author offers us a solemn […]

“Dormitio Mariae”

Almost for a sense of respect and reverence for Mary, the Latin expression “Dormitio” is used instead of the term death to indicate the end of his earthly life. It is preferred to speak about “falling asleep” or “Dormitio”, because the faith professed in the Catholic Church teaches that Mary, left this earthly world, was […]

Wooden Choir

The wooden choir of the ancient Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption on the Priamar was commissioned by the Massari of the church the 30th of January, 1500 to two master carvers Anselmo de’ Fornari from Castelnuovo Scrivia (1470 – Genoa until 1521) and Elia de’ Rocchi from Pavia (? – in Genoa until […]